Great Expectations

It is almost that time of year when most coupled men are one bad move away from weeks in the doghouse. Will their partners expectations be met, or will a kitchen appliance have them wishing they had saved the money? My hearts go out to all of you & your plight of what to buy for Valentine’s Day as I will be comfy at home watching tv with my kids while my wife is at a friends house having a girls night. Yes I am married to one of the elusive tribe that believes Valentine’s Day is a crock of dung. 

Expectations don’t end at personal relationships however, they extend to every relationship & product we buy. Last year I wrote Decisions, Decisions about my decision making problems around buying a new car. I was left with a sour taste by one salesperson because he knew nothing about his product in comparison to my wife (AKA Google). I have given up on finding automotive sales people with more knowledge of their product than my wife, but what does that say about them? My financial advisor on the other hand I trust implicitly, as I do our realtor. Why? Because even after decades long relationships with them socially, they went out of their way to win my business & prove their professional worth.

Who do you trust your brand with when it requires the fabrication and installation of a 2000lb chattel 500′ above ground? Who do you trust to have enough experience and connections to navigate through a delicate and politically challenged permit process, while being honest with you? Who do you trust your brand with when a property owner wants assurances that all of their conditions will be met? Who do you trust to do all of this and more than the job entails , allowing you to the freedom to do what your job involves instead of worrying about signage?

In life, when in doubt, buy everything from someone you feel you can trust, not someone who can read a catalogue & say “yes”. And please, get a gift receipt if you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day! 


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