Wifey Takes Over Again

It’s Christmas, so I’m back for my annual, things you may not know. This isn’t like last year where it’s all fun & games though. This year is going to be a serious post based on questions & comments Dom has received over the last six weeks.

First & foremost, Dom is fine. He’s better than fine, he’s happy. I think he’s getting a little bored, but that’s the price to pay for owing me this time. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty shall we?

Over 1000 of you read this blog, but less than 50 of you know me. Dom & I have been together for almost nine years & have been friends for almost 13. We’re madly in love with each other & “get” each other. From listening to all the same music, to liking the same movies, to knowing all the same pop culture references & having the same value system. Most of you are reading this right now & thinking that sounds like every marriage, but there’s one difference between us & most other couples. A seventeen year age gap. It doesn’t bother us any, but it makes for some raised eyebrows.

Since Dom chose to leave his place of employment there have been a lot of questions & concerns about how I have reacted to Dom being unemployed & how would I feel about no money coming in. Basic “can you hold on to the gold digger” questions. While part of me finds this line of questioning offensive, for the most part we find it laughable. The world sees the high end accessories Dom has gifted me over the years & no one sees him complaining about my cheapness & coupon cutting. They see his luxury car & don’t see my Ford I loathe but am unwilling to part with because I can repair it with my own two hands. They see his successes & assume I have a balance sheet full of zeros.

Appearances & assumptions aside, how do I feel about Dom leaving his job? I’m ecstatic! The side of our life very few saw was my giving birth to our son on a Saturday to have him return to work on the Monday. Or with our daughter my trying to prolong labour at home because he was in a meeting (to the point where I almost delivered on the highway) & him returning to work the next morning. Or when I had major surgery & was supposed to be resting for two weeks & he had to return to work the next day. Or every vacation where he worked five days a week from an expensive remote location. I put up with it because it’s what was needed to keep the projects going & he was willing to do it. When he told me of his decision to leave, I told him I support him 100% & was overjoyed because I would get some of the time he owes me back. Yes, I actually keep track of the amount of time he owes me.

Whether we live in our current modest home, a McMansion, or a one bedroom apartment, I don’t care, as long as I have my husband. For the first time in our relationship my husband is only mine & while I know he will return to the workforce & I will have to share him again, these have been the best six weeks of my life & this is about to be the best Christmas because he’s actually here.

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope all of you get to spend as much quality time with those you love as I will.

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