Week One

My first week of unemployment has been interesting to say the least.

First, my wife asks that you stop calling to tell me you support me and or to check in on me. My phone has been ringing off the hook for the last week & I think I have spoken to more people in that time period than I have in the last twelve months combined. I’m wonderful, I’m happy & I’m taking a few weeks off to spend doing nothing of substance for the first time in my life. Thank you for reaching out, sincerely, but she’s right it has been a bit much.

Next up, what have I done this week? Well since I was swamped over the summer I didn’t share the fun & exciting development that graced our family. No, no more kids, but a new German Shepherd. Her name is Gigi, she’s technically my wife’s dog, but this week at almost 7 months old I have finally had the time to spend with her. She’s smart, strong & a little crazy right now, but she is so very well trained already. Yesterday I returned home from walking her to my wife telling me I can’t just say heel, I have to to say left or right for her know which of my sides I expect her to heel to. What puppy knows left & right? What owner teaches it’s puppy left & right? She sits at all corners by herself, has been housebroken since her first week with us & our cat hates her with a passion. As my wife refused to treat train her in an effort to quell any possible food aggression, she is well enough behaved that my wife regularly takes her through drive thrus in the front seat & proceeds to eat or drink in the car with her without a second thought. Yesterday was Gigi’s first interaction with snow & it scared the bejeezus out of her! It covered her toys & then moved when she investigated it. It was a hysterical moment I didn’t miss.

Gigi’s 1st experience with snow

What else have I done this week? Well I read a book, got to take care of my kids when my wife was sick instead of her having to while sick, have had time to play with my kids everyday, have gotten to take my son to school & pick him up everyday & have been showered with the best hugs in the world for doing all of it. In short this week has been better than my last three vacations combined because I have no projects on the go & my email isn’t going off constantly. Three calls to return since I sat down to write this. Hopefully this will slow down with time.

Have a great weekend everyone, I know I will!

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