Free Roam

Week 3 that I have no work I can discuss, so you get more of my personal stories. 

It’s March Break in Ontario this week & we decided to take a less than conventional approach to our kids’ activities this week. We planned nothing. Absolutely nothing. My wife took the kids to a bookstore on Thursday afternoon after school for them to choose $20 of books each, she took all the STEM toys out of the storage closet & hid the kids iPads. That’s it. Period. 

We all complain about how stressful life is & how hectic it is while hearing stories about children needing anxiety meds as pre-teens & depression & stress in kids on the rise. If you had one week to do anything you want, what would it be? Would it be running from point A to point B & waking up at 6am? Of course not, so why should we want that for our kids during their break? 

Our kids are relatively small, but we think they deserve the break. Some time off to build rollercoasters, play Jenga & build forts. The only rule has been our son has to read for a minimum of one hour a day. It’s late on Wednesday night as I write this, last Thursday was our son’s last day of school & he hasn’t said he’s bored once. He’s just having a blast doing whatever he can imagine. Being what we all imagine being a kid to be. I’m really happy my wife said no camps this year because it’s wonderful to watch the kids have so much fun. 

Let’s all play like kids this weekend for a few hours, shall we? Put down our phones & do literally anything we want while doing nothing we have to do. Let’s all remember what it felt like to be free from all responsibility. 

That’s it for this week. Next week I’m planning something special, a look at my mentor & why he was the best person in the business for decades. 



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