Thank You

It’s International Women’s Day & with that I would like to write a little something about the women who make my life easier, happier & altogether a better life than I can imagine.

First up is, of course, my wife. I intentionally haven’t changed my password because I love her take on things. My wife makes every day a better day. It’s that simple. I have the benefit of having one of the smartest people I have ever come across be my adviser, confidant & cheerleader. Aside from her business acumen & indispensable advice, she runs our home & lives like a well-oiled machine, she fixes everything from split seams to the snow blower, she keeps our children interested in books & math & somehow still finds the time to take care of herself & work on her inventions. I would have none of what makes my life wonderful without her. If only she didn’t laugh at her own bad jokes, she’d be perfect 😛

Up next, a woman who I have worked with my entire career at Pattison Sign Group who has become one of my wife’s closest friends and the Aunt to our kids. We don’t have any family in Canada & this woman is the best Aunt our kids could ever ask for! She spoils them rotten with both material things and attention & their love for her is unmatched. Everything that happens in their lives they have to share with their Auntie. Knowing that our kids have that kind of person in their lives, the kind of person who has their pictures on her fridge & will always be there if they need her makes all of our lives richer.

Then we have my KAM. She is already making a difference in my life a month into working together. Having had known her for years, I can tell you she’s an amazing person outside of work & her kids couldn’t ask for a better role model. She’s tenacious, strong & funny and I’m glad she sits on my side of the table.

Lastly, we have my spitfire. My little lady makes me want to make sure the world is a better place for women. I have watched my wife struggle with sexism & while she has always carried herself with grace & has had to be more determined than any man I know, I do not want the same for my daughter. I don’t want my daughter to have to fight harder than her brothers for what she wants in life. If we don’t change things though, without a doubt my daughter will break whatever ceiling there is. She has my wife’s fight & grit & will be a force to be reckoned with.

To all of you wonderful women out there, take what is yours, get what you want & please don’t apologize for not being demure. As has been highlighted within Canada this past month, speak your truth to power & men, accept it.

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