Decisions, Decisions

The last 7 days have been hectic, stressful & busy for me. What’s been going on? A bunch of confidential work that makes my blog writing even harder, car shopping & life decisions for our 6-year-old. We make hundreds of decisions a day, but some of them have big impacts. I had the joy of not one, but two of those this week.

Car shopping was hell & I am over the moon that it’s done. My current sedan doesn’t easily fit my son’s hockey gear & this upcoming fall my daughter will start to play. Aside from both playing, they won’t be playing for the same center. That means that my wife & I will have to divide & conquer & she will get her SUV. My current sedan is a good car, but I wasn’t in love with it & my wife who picked it out on paper loathes it now. It’s a good car that just isn’t great in any category. So 6 weeks ago I sent my car guru (my wife) on a hunt to find me 3 cars to choose from. We went to the AutoShow for me to see her picks & one stuck right away. I loved it. Here’s the stressful part though. The salesperson. I warned him she knew everything about it, she had the Black Book value of my trade in, she loves cars more than most people & is extremely knowledgeable about them. He just didn’t listen. To the point where I told him I was going to another dealership. There I found a salesperson who has done his job the way I would do it. I told him what I was looking for & he found it. Period. He was transparent, friendly & to the point. I wish I had started with him a week ago! Fingers crossed I love this vehicle as much as I think I will. 


Our son lifting a black puck & scoring on a AAA goalie two years older than him


Then we had to make a life decision for our 6-year-old. That’s as ridiculous as it sounds, but is not an easy thing to do. Hockey is a world where an hour a week at 6 is almost guaranteed to be too little to make a AAA team in two years, let alone anything further in the future. We insulate our son fully from the pressures of hockey & focus on it being fun for him, but there is a lot of pressure on us. We need to make sure that he is getting the best training he can, that he is balanced between sports, that he has the proper nutrition & flexibility training. It’s a lot to make sure he’s a safe, happy, well-adjusted kid. This week we had the opportunity to sign him up for a summer hockey camp in a southern state. We found the right AirBnB, the flight etc. the day before registration opened. Then the morning it opened my wife looked at me & said “I’m saying no.” I replied “Okay”. It was a lot of stress on US. A week or two separated as a family so our 6-year-old can skate with an elite trainer? He’s 6! If we screwed his NHL career at the age of 6, then so be it. He’ll go to golf camps & hockey camps like a normal kid. We will spend our summer as a family, not thousands of miles apart because “they” say that’s what’s necessary. While we want to give him every opportunity in the world & we know this camp will fill up, this year isn’t for us. Maybe when he’s 9 or 10, but this is just too young. For all of us. 

As I proofread this I realize there is one common thread. Our children’s hockey added stress this week. I wonder if all parents feel this way about their kid’s extracurriculars. I’m so glad my son’s not great at soccer & we just get to watch him play there. I wonder what sports our daughter will choose next year to further add to this craziness. 

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