Please Laugh

First and foremost, thank you all for the birthday wishes! I was truly blown away by the number of you that reached out on Sunday!

Moving on, that four-year-old hockey player, have you seen him? He is absolutely adorable & a huge hit because anyone with kids in hockey has seen all of it. From laying on the ground playing with the ice to the “I have to pee!” that disappears once in the washroom. The best part for me personally has been the reaction to the video. 

We live in a world of keyboard soldiers. People who have nothing better to do with their time than attack the most innocent thing. I have yet to see any negative comments on this video though. It’s refreshing. It was a nice break from the world for everyone who watched it. There was nothing of substance to it & that little guy is just funny. 

This past Sunday my kids were hell-bent on building a machine in their playroom so my wife and I watched Grown Up’s & Grown Up’s 2. They were on tv, my wife was sick & nothing else was on. They were stupid, not worth recommending to anyone & definitely not worth paying $20 each to watch in the theatre. It felt great just to sit there & laugh. We have a new ritual of sorts where we watch Seinfeld before bed every night. We’ve both seen every episode a handful of times, but we still watch them again. We used to watch the news, now it’s Seinfeld or nothing. 

We live in a serious world where good news is seldom shared. We have scandals & upheaval, wars & potential wars not just on our TVs at 6 & 11, but 24/7 on our devices as well. We need more laughter collectively. I hope you all laugh today & if it doesn’t just happen, go find it in a comedy, a book or animal videos. Maybe if we all laughed a bit more we wouldn’t take ourselves so seriously. 

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