10 Things You Didn’t Need To Know

It’s Sign Guy’s birthday this weekend, so I thought I’d check if he had changed the password yet to his blog. He hasn’t, so let’s get going on my top ten facts you may or may not know about him. 

10) He’s a dog person who tolerates our cat. When we got together my dog had just passed & Dom had a 2-year-old German Shepherd. Six years ago we found a kitten under our neighbor’s porch one cold night & got a cat. Dom is indifferent to the cat & she feels the same way about him, but his Princess! I’d like to say that she loves us all equally, but the two of them have something special.

Dom with his princess


9)  He has a selective memory. Forgetting his wallet, where he put his keys or his phone, that is part of life here. Remembering the dimensions of a sign he sold a decade ago, that’s no problem though. By the way, Tile only works if you realize you’ve misplaced something. 

8) He taught himself how to play guitar & read music. It drives me crazy with envy because he can pick up a guitar & figure out a song, whereas I am as tone deaf as they come & can only read music. 

7) He was raised by his Grandmother & Mom. I’ve never come across another man who treats women with such respect. When we were dating I thought the door holding & chair pulling was all a show, turns out I was wrong. The dog may be the original Princess, but I get treated like a queen. 

6) This one has gotten better since we had kids, but Dom used to take forever to get ready. I got my makeup & wedding dress on in 24 minutes on our wedding day. When we go out, it takes Dom that long to iron his shirt.

I’m confident it took him longer to get ready on our wedding day


5) While on the subject of clothes, collectively we have a lot. I’m not quite sure who has more clothes, but shoes? Dom wins. Hands down. My shoe collection is larger than average & Dom ’s makes mine look like nothing. 

4) He is quick! If signage doesn’t work out for him, I’m confident in saying that he could easily transition to comedy. When I need Botox for laugh-lines, it will be all his fault. Not a single day goes by where he doesn’t crack me up at least once. 

3) SPORTS! SPORTS! SPORTS!!! He’s a fan of all sports, even sports that aren’t really sports, like curling. B.K. (Before Kids) Dom played hockey, baseball, soccer & golf. Now he doesn’t have the time for it all because he’d rather be with the family, but television viewing is 50% Disney Junior & 50% sports in our house.

If he could’ve married the team…Maybe some questions are best left unanswered


 2) Cooking. Dom can cook. Well. He can make an entire turkey dinner by himself & has. He can throw a dinner party all on his own & has. He says that he doesn’t have the gourmet flair that I do & that’s why he doesn’t cook anymore. I think it’s because he’ll hear louder than usual cursing if he puts a spice away in the wrong place, or a pot in the wrong place in my kitchen. I’m control freak & the kitchen is mine. I surrender the tv remote to him, he can stay out of the kitchen, unless it’s to clean it.

1) His family is everything. Dom didn’t have the “best” with his parents being new to Canada & he didn’t have many opportunities. His entire life all he wanted was to be happily married & have kids. On Dom’s post last week someone commented that there’s more to life than work. Here’s my rebuttal. While work takes up more time in his life than any other one thing, nothing takes up more room in his heart than the kids & I. And we know that. Whether he works a 90 hour week or is on vacation, no one here ever questions his love for us. I don’t remember holding my kids for the first time, but I do remember Dom holding them & crying. We joke that people assume that because he’s a big guy, or because he’s Italian, he’s gruff, but in reality, he’s the first one to put a tutu on his head to make our daughter laugh or start a tickle fight. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for his family. He’s the kids’ favorite parent, he’s their favorite playmate & for as much as he makes me laugh, it’s nothing in comparison to the laughter he brings to their lives.

Our boys aren’t this little anymore, but the love & laughter hasn’t changed.


That’s it! That’s the top ten things you probably didn’t know about Dom. Now to spend our weekend at the AutoShow (because he adores me) & cooking & baking because I have a party to cater!

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