Are You Equal?

I am breaking from the norm here and will be discussing something slightly political. Not political in the sense that it involves any particular party views, but in the sense that it can be a hot button topic. Please remember that these are only my views.

In Canada right now, we have a scandal brewing around our government & the potential of political influence over our courts. I am not writing about any of that, however, it is the Minister who has since resigned from her cabinet position that inspired this post. Last night our Prime Minister told the media who would be replacing Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould by referring to her as “Jody” multiple times & her replacement “Minister Sajjan”. Although Minister Wilson-Raybould stepped down from her cabinet position, she still is an elected official, commonly referred to as MP Wilson-Raybould, Honourable Wilson-Raybould, or even Ms. Wilson-Raybould would have done.

This may seem small, it is just a name after all, but to women, it is not. Nor should it be. Over my 30 plus years in a “man’s world” industry, I have seen it all. What they call “locker room talk” which is code for unacceptable behavior, to hearing that women “are just Moms & wives” in the workplace. It angers me. Not just as a son, husband & father of a girl, but as a person.

In 2015 our Prime Mister said that he had a gender-balanced cabinet “because it’s 2015”. Last night by minimizing the contribution of one cabinet minister who wouldn’t go quietly into the night, he brought to the forefront the small slights that add up for women every day. Minimizing the contribution that women make to the workforce as a whole, to an organization, or even to the world does not benefit anyone. Holding women high on our collective shoulders for their successes does not detract from any man’s accomplishments. Treating each other with respect and allowing each other to succeed without having to fight tooth and nail for the wins is the cornerstone of equality. Men are a pivotal part of making sure that equality comes to fruition. We all must call out those who are disrespectful, even in small ways, because it is small steps that make the world a better place. Women are not less than. The same cannot be said for the men who try to make them believe that they are.

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