48 Days

Why am I here? I can’t be the only one thinking that this week. Why am I here? Why did my parents choose Canada & not anywhere warm on the planet? I love Toronto & Canada as a whole, but January was a miserable month! While I’m complaining about the weather, I am relatively confident that anyone in the plains of the US or the Prairies of Canada is calling me a wuss right now, but I am not cut out for this -35°C stuff.

I learned last week that it isn’t just a joke, Canadians talk about the weather more than any other country in the world. Maybe it’s because of our vast differences in geography, but that’s what makes it fun. Today there are cherry blossoms blooming on our west coast, the coldest temperatures in years in the Prairies & winds, record-breaking cold & snow in the east. All while I am trying to get signs on buildings in all of the wonderful weather systems.

I think that sign people talk about weather more than your average person, out of necessity. We know what temperature vinyl can be installed under, what the winds have to be under for working at heights & how one Colorado Low can throw off months of work across our entire country in a matter of days. Did you know that there are a multitude of sites dedicated just to wind speeds? I do!

Today I heard about Chicago torching their train tracks so they can switch lines in these frigid temperatures. It’s not just so they can keep the trains going, but to keep people safe as well. That’s why we in signage know, discuss & warn clients about the part weather can play, because it’s not just about the signage, it’s about the lives & safety of our installers. Deadlines & plans are all well & good, but they are completely unimportant when compared to keep people safe.

Only 48 days until it’s technically Spring, so only 70 more days before it feels like Spring in Ontario. We have rodent sightings to look forward to this weekend that somehow predict the weather too. Stay warm, stay safe & screw you & your cherry blossoms British Columbia!

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