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Do you think that food bloggers know how easy they have it? Find a new place, eat & review. Find a new recipe, test & review. No NDA’s to keep them from sharing the cool parts of their day, just some basic photography knowledge and a Grammarly subscription. Sports, movie & tv bloggers all fall in the same category in my opinion. Even travel bloggers have their topics handed to them. While I’m sure it’s no cake walk to try to derive an income from any of these in their oversaturated markets, I’d trade places with any of them right now. Especially the travel blogger this week.

I started this blog of my own free will, I decided to try to make a go of it & readership is growing with each week. I don’t know when I qualify it a success, but I think it may be getting there. The problem is that I am not a writer. I went to school for accounting and I sell signs. I sell the thing people think about after they’ve changed their letterhead. Inserting a new header & footer into a word document comes before what I sell. I wonder if there are other undervalued blog categories out there. Maybe we can combine forces and form a support group.

I’m a funny, lighthearted, sport loving family man who knows encyclopedias worth of information about signs and each week struggles to write a blog because the internet is part of the new world order. To all of you who read this, thank you for indulging this Sign Guy and my writer’s block. So much writer’s block I’m struggling with a title for this post.

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