What’s Your 0-60 Time?

Oh right, I have a blog!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, I know I did. I did a bunch of nothing with my family & spent a couple of days in arenas with my son. It was glorious! Then last Monday rolled around & I began to pay for taking time off. Last week’s blog was forgotten in my week of playing catch up, but never fear, Sign Guy is here! As usual, midnight is not the best time (or is it?) for me to be writing.

What am I going to write about this week? Vinyl application processes! Just kidding, I won’t do that to you. This week I’m writing about our changing world & the ramifications I see daily.

I am getting dangerously close to old fart age & with that comes experiences some will never know. I remember rotary phones. I remember fax machines (do you ever see a fax number & wonder who is still sending them? I think it’s time we delete them) & I remember dial-up modems. I remember speaking to a client on the phone, meeting them in person, sending them the contract by snail mail & or them signing it in person. I remember walking over to a co-workers desk & asking questions. Things moved at such a slow pace that dial-up seemed fast.

Now we all email everyone. If I have an emergency, I’ll text, or IM a co-worker. Deals are done without ever hearing the other sides voice now in some cases. It can all be wonderful & more productive.

It can be, it isn’t always. As we all have become accustomed to our phones virtual assistants giving us immediate answers & our smart homes reacting in the blink of an eye, we have forgotten that we are still human. We still need sleep, we still need to eat & we still only have 24 hours in every day. The demands we put on each other in every instance seem to be going up, not down in our new world.

We all seem to be living the tortoise & the hare, with the hare being the one we admire now. That fable still holds true though. It has become the tortoise & the hare on a balance beam now. The tortoise still wins, not because they get to the finish line first anymore, but because of the accuracy they achieved getting there.

I am not one for resolutions, but I would like it if we all made this pledge to one another. This year we will value each other’s work & time. No more unrealistic expectations, no more meetings that could be a 3 minutes phone call, no more emails with questions that could be answered over the phone in under a minute. Let us all take the time to remember that Siri & Alexa aren’t human & the hare can make careless mistakes at such high speeds.

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