She’s Back!

Sign Guy is swamped because of his trip to San Diego, so I’m taking over again to let you into the holidays in our house. Bahahaha! 

We’re a Christmas family here, with the odd brisket & latke thrown in, but I think what I’m about to write applies to all couples over the holidays. 

I am a self admitted Christmas addict. It is my end goal to Griswold it up one year & the interior of our house looks like an elf ate red, white & silver & was violently ill. Not one, but two (used to be three) trees, two mantlescapes, my kitchen is decorated & I have even started knitting holiday pillows. Also Christmas music is playing from 3 to 8 every night. Now Sign Guy, is NOT a Christmas person. He thinks that Christmas is for kids & arts & crafts & presents are enough. That almost makes it more fun for me, because if it isn’t obvious yet, I’m a horrible person. IMG_2735

Every year I hear the same complaint as some outrageously priced piece of decor dies though. “Cheap piece of crap! Ten cents more & they could’ve built something that lasts. Why do they insist on using the cheapest power supplies?” This coincides with the number one thing I’ve learned about signage over the years…power supplies are important. I get it! He’s got a point for as much as he drives me crazy. These things should out live us given that they only operate for a month a year, but that’s the name of the game. 

Christmas isn’t just about decorations & presents though, it’s about food. The real food (not just cookies) begins here on Christmas Eve. You would think that not having extended family would mean a simpler menu, but I’m the cook, so it’s all on steroids. Put on your fat pants! Christmas Eve we have an Italian seafood feast with Dom’s grandmothers recipe for fried shrimp, fried smelts, salt cod, pasta with clams, scallops & lobster followed by lasagne. As well as cookies for Santa. Then panettone French toast for breakfast & a four course turkey dinner. 

The way that Dom lights up when the kids hear Santa, or watching them open their gifts is just as fantastic for me as watching the kids themselves. I always have a couple of secret gifts for him under the tree that he never would’ve of expected & I think deep down he may love Christmas just as much as I do. 

My absolute favorite part of the holidays is Boxing Day. Boxing Day my kids are more than content to play in their playroom & Dom makes turkey soup for dinner. I do nothing for 24 hours as my thank you gift for being crazy Christmas lady for a month. Ah Boxing Day, only days away. 

Whether it be Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas, I know I speak for both Sign Guy & I when I say I wish that all of you have a wonderful holiday. May you stay safe, be with people you love & have as many things to be grateful for as we do. Thanks for reading a bit more about what Sign Guy’s life is actually like! 

I wonder if this post will get him to change the password?

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