We’re Here San Diego!

I’m in sunny San Diego, trying not to recite all of The Anchorman. 

I’m here with our Marketing Manager, Francisco & I think it’s safe to say we are both taken aback by what a great city San Diego is & what an amazing convention for Marriott owners & vendors. Everyone here is ridiculously nice & let me tell you, Marriott knows how to throw an event! 

Day one has come to end, with Francisco & I having completed our booth set up & a few hours of meeting hoteliers & other vendors. After having had attended hundreds of conferences between the two of us, we thought a little outside of the box with our booth setup for Connect 2018. We wanted to give everyone a little refuge from the noise, a break from the monotony of booths & a place to recharge themselves for the rest of their adventures in San Diego. Meet the Pattison Lounge. Where selling signs takes a backseat to appreciating that our clients & prospective clients are humans & conventions can be exhausting. IMG_4770

Today I got to see the lengths Marriott goes through for their owners. The awards event was really quite spectacular from what I saw on LinkedIn. If that is how they start an event, I can not wait to see how they end one! Tonight Francisco & I are lucky enough to be attending a sponsors cocktail hour & a welcome reception. Then off to bed for me to gear up for a full day of meeting more interesting people. It’s one thing to have digitally met some of them, but it’s quite another to shake a hand & say hello. I’m so grateful that we have this opportunity to actually meet these people face to face, some which I’ve spoken to many times via email or over the phone, all in one spot. 

Although I said I was only writing on Tuesday & Thursday this week, I may throw in a wrap up blog, because it looks as though this party is just getting started. Stay classy San Diego! Sorry, I had to say it. 

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