There’s A Reason It’s Called Junk

One day someone decided to send a flyer to everyone in a certain geographical area & junk or direct mail was born. Shockingly, they say that 4.4% of people actually inquire about the services brought to their attention in their junk mail. In the last decade we’ve been lucky enough to have the advent & perfecting of direct mail emailing. Somewhere in the fine print while signing up for an app we allowed ourselves to be spammed to death. 

Direct email campaigns have a response rate of 1.2% & I’m shocked it’s that high. Companies buy a list, from a company who just makes lists, write one email & put it in a direct marketing app. Did you know that MailChimp is worth over $400M? Good for them capitalizing on the impersonality of sales in the digital age! If you’re only writing one email in an app, do you care if only 1.2% respond? A new customer is a new customer, right?

As I am sure you can tell, I am not a fan of direct mail & so I don’t use it. Maybe it’s old fashioned of me, but I like to know about my clients a bit before working with them if I can. Not just what Boolean category they fit in in an algorithm. This is where my love of LinkedIn comes in. Every week I get to share a bit about myself & I get to learn a bit each day about contacts I have worked with & hope to work with in the future.  All on my own terms, when I see fit to use it. Messages I receive on LinkedIn, I read. Why? Because typically a person has taken the time out of their day to send me a message, not purchased a list I happened to be included in because of my job, race, age, or education level. We’re all more than our boolean & I think we should value that in all of our interactions.

That’s it for Sign Guy this week. Thanks for reading & stayed tuned next week when I’ll be writing from San Diego on Tuesday & a special holiday post on Thursday. 

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