What Is Value?

Everything and everyone has tangible and intangible values, but how do you effectively distinguish your needs for both?

Your house for instance has a tangible value if you were to sell it or refinance it, but until it hits the market it holds an intangible value as your home. Your vehicle has a tangible value if it were to be sold as well as the value it brings you in time/cost savings if you were to compare it to public transit. The security of it, the freedom it avails you, it’s cargo capacity even are for the most part intangible. Employers are a tangible benefit to those who work for them, but some people choose positions based on corporate culture, that most certainly is not tangible. Employees have tangible values also with their productivity levels, but their intangible values such as personal ethics & problem solving are just as important. This list could go on & on. 

With signage the return is intangible for the most part in our digital age. Some accountant out there has undoubtedly done a cost benefit analysis on what value signage brings to a business, but  rarely are the costs captured or decision makers behind a signage purchase in marketing or accounting.  So what benefit is it to be able to be found or seen on a daily basis? 

Each sign has an original cost, each piece has maintenance costs & there is all of the behind the scenes work that goes into building the puzzle of signage I’ve discussed in Sign + Wall = Months of Work. What is the value of working with a company that has decades of experience versus the company who claims bankruptcy & reopens under a new name every few years? What is the value of buying from someone with decades of experience versus someone who changes industries frequently? These questions apply to us all, in all our purchases. Sometimes we are willing to take the risk and use a startup, or a recent graduate & sometimes we want the security of knowing that we’re in experienced hands. Usually our decision comes down to the expenditure. 

Living in our new digital world, we all (myself included on occasion) think that we don’t need to use a professional. For an example you only need to think about purchasing a new car. What’s the first thing you do? Build it online. You don’t talk to people who own it, or go ask your local garage, you research online, build it online & may even forward your build to the nearest dealership. You may end up with the perfect car, or you may have a lemon & deeply regret your choice. With the right marketing team behind it, I’m pretty sure a Datsun could intrigue people in our new world. Unfortunately purchases now have to take some extra digging to find the intangible value they bring to our lives & companies. Signage is no different. 

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