This Is A Blog Post On A Thursday

I try to post a new blog every Thursday. I try to either bring you into my world, or talk about signage in a way that isn’t mind numbing. It’s Thursday and this is a blog post.

When I google “signage blogs” I see that most of them either have been abandoned or have huge gaps in their timelines, I now understand why. This is hard! I could spend weeks discussing power supplies & vinyl applications, but no one wants to read that. I could also spend weeks discussing sports, there is always something to talk about there. Signage though, without putting the audience to sleep is no cake walk.

Cake walk, did you know that it has two origination stories? The British is that it was musical chairs with cakes at fairs in the 20’s and 30’s. The American originated around 1919 & was a dance preformed by plantation workers and the winner would be given a cake, hence “takes the cake” as well. Thanks for the filler wifey! I digress.

My wife used to have a political blog called “Yada, Yada, Yada”, she never had issues finding something to write about. I could dig REALLY deep and correlate my need to post once a week with useless update meetings we all have to grin through when there is nothing new to be reported. In fact, there’s a good possibility that you’re in one of those meetings right now if you’re still reading this.

Maybe there is no way to make talking about signage fun. Maybe I should stick to signage sales & leave writing to writers. Or maybe, just maybe I had a relatively boring week buried under work & next week I will be inspired to write something more poignant than this.

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