Politics Aren’t Professional

Today being the midterm elections in the States, I thought I’d give a friendly reminder. LinkedIn is not Facebook.

Etiquette dictates that we don’t discuss politics or religion publicly and while that may seem antiquated, there’s a reason for it. You’re bound to upset someone. In this new digital world, we sometimes forget what is acceptable where, so I’m going to briefly break it down for you.


On Facebook post to your hearts content about who should be President, what they should or should not be doing, which religions you see to be appropriate, your views on immigration. Go to town! If you’re especially outspoken, you may like to check your privacy settings, but still, Facebook is your private soapbox to stand on & speak your mind.


I like to think of LinkedIn as professional Tinder with articles. Connect, Accept or Decline & move on. The difference is that we all have a home page where our colleagues & contacts “likes” appear. If you would choose to swipe left on someone who puts their political or religious beliefs on Tinder, would you want to work with someone who does the same? “Like” news about your industry, interesting articles & professional achievements & please stop liking political posts!

I am not in HR, nor am I a recruiter or manager, but these things are out there for people to check. More & more employers are admitting to checking social media history before hiring a candidate, I can only assume they check it on current employees as well. If you wouldn’t walk up to a stranger & randomly begin sharing your views, please don’t share them on LinkedIn. If you would, then go to town & run the risk of offending a potential contact, a current contact or your employer.

I hope you all have a great day & if you’re reading this in the States, please go vote. Voting is a right people are still fighting for globally and you are lucky enough to have. Remember though, no matter which party wins, people are going to be disappointed.

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