Passion vs Work

They say that if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. Well we all know that’s not true, but the sentiment is good. Last night as I took my kids out for Halloween I complimented a family on their haunted house. ┬áThe father told me it’s all his 9 year old son’s creation. He spends months drawing it & coming up with the design and then together they implement it. He wants to be a set designer when he grows up. Wow. The passion he already has, at an age when most kids are obsessed with FortNight, he’s planning & designing a creation that lasts one night.

Then there’s my wife. It’s November 1 and she’s starting to plan the exterior holiday decorations to begin installation on November 12. This is an annual thing with her. November 12 she begins the exterior and American Thanksgiving she starts the interior immediately after the Macy’s parade. It’s a winter wonderland rivalling the Griswold’s over here by December 1, full of cookies, matching pj’s, multiple trees and her favourite word “perfect”. I don’t know how much joy all the work no one really appreciates brings her, but she’s definitely passionate about it all.

Signage is an industry that most people don’t equate with passion very often, but there are a few of us that definitely enjoy the creation of signage. In my opinion you have to be passionate in order to be knowledgable, if you aren’t, why would you want to learn? If you don’t learn, how can you effectively sell solutions and not just cut and paste jobs? How can you be creative without the knowledge of what can be created? This doesn’t just apply to people in signage sales, but in all departments that touch signage.

Artists have passion for their craft. My carpenter has passion for his work, but shouldn’t we all find our passion? If you’re in hospitality and dislike people, or in electronics sales and don’t care to keep up with technology, or a personal trainer who hangs out at Mc Donald’s, should you be in that position? IT people are routinely the most passionate about their work in my experience and good for them for knowing what they wanted and going after it. There’s the idea that if we have passion in our personal activities then we don’t need to have it in our work life. Do you spend 40-80 hours a week hiking, or biking? Why would you settle for only being about passionate something for 10% of your week, if that?

It may still be work at times, but for your benefit and those you deal with, I ask you to find your passion, or to find passion within what you do. Everyone would be happier and everyone around us would be better off if there was some level of joy in all of our work lives.

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