Why Are You Working TODAY?

It’s Sunday. The much beloved weekend. Or is it?  We all see the TGIF memes on social media & I can’t be the only one who envies the poster as I see them.  There is no end in my week, the calendar just begins a new line. I have an inkling that among the thousand or so of you reading this, I am not alone.

A few things prompted this post today, on this chilly Sunday morning. First was this article (https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/concept-weekend-dying-ncna817131) that made me think about the hidden ramifications of the 6-7 day workweek. Followed quickly after by a reflection on my weekend.

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary, so I took the day off. When I asked my wife what she wanted to do, her response was “Do nothing as a family.” So that’s what we did. Hockey practice for my son, drove into the city for lunch, did some grocery shopping, came home and laid on the sofa until we went to bed. It would have been a glorious day if the Leafs hadn’t lost! My wife built the day around me though, not us & definitely not around her wants. It was a day for me to decompress & if she hadn’t said she wanted it, I wouldn’t have taken it easy.

Today I’m back at my desk. Writing this & then a full day of worked planned out. My wife is baking Halloween cupcakes with our kids & doing arts & crafts I’ll see at dinner. Tomorrow is a PA Day for our son, so she’s taking the kids pumpkin picking, renting some ice time for the three of them to play on skates together & who knows what else she’s got up her sleeve. I don’t have FOMO (fear of missing out), I know what I’m missing out on, I can hear it in the other room. I know that I am not alone in this though and this isn’t an issue relegated to sales, service or the signage industry. We have a collective problem with work.

There are groups within Canada that are pushing for the same laws regarding emails being shut off at 5pm as France has.  I do not agree with regulation of our work lives, I think we need self regulation and to be mindful of one another. Here are my suggestions to fix the problem, I would appreciate your input though.

  • We stop emailing each other after 5pm. I am guilty of this one, the “I’m working so you should be working, or at least monitoring work” mentality. We need to all agree that unless it’s life threatening we save it for 9-5 M-F!
  • We need to realize that our needs are not more important. Whether it’s my company needing something, or your company needing something, we all have the same hours in the day & we all know that companies have more than one client. We need to ask ourselves if we think it’s a reasonable timeline before we tell someone they have to respond within that timeline.
  • We need to start booking our time off in our calendars. Even if it’s just lunch. Stop being so available to one another & start being available to ourselves & our loved ones.

While I await your collective buy-in to my rules of engagement, I’m off to pound the keyboard. Happy Sunday everyone, maybe next week we can all enjoy it.

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