$#!+ Happens

Today I’m writing all of you from Billy Bishop airport as I wait for a flight. A flight I’m lucky to be on because our travel agent added a letter in my name. Mistakes happen & sometimes they can be fixed with an e-mail, but in the case of signage mistakes can be VERY expensive.

I would love to lie right now & say I never make mistakes, but sometimes I do. Usually it isn’t directly because of me, but misinformation given to me by a GC or conditions changed & no one thought to tell the Sign Guy. It’s just signage right?

A few months ago a sign I sold went to be installed & it was too big by 8″ to fit on the wall. The builders sent me the drawings before the sign went into production & I based our design off of them. Well they decided to change the size of the wall without telling me. Nothing I can do about that. The client had to buy a second sign. Because this is a cut & paste program and by that I mean we do the same size sign at all locations we didn’t do a survey prior to install. Thankfully this was only a one story building, so it wasn’t a huge problem. A headache yes, but not a huge issue.

If you were to add 20 stories to this building, it would’ve been a HUGE problem. Sometimes that happens though. Sometimes we get drawings, do our survey, go into production on the signage & then find out that the smallest detail has changed. Changing where one wire is supposed to be fed can be a massive headache & translate into huge costs when it’s 30 stories up.

So if you’re one of my clients, or perspective clients & you think I’m asking for too much information, there’s a reason. I don’t like mistakes if they can be avoided & in my opinion it’s my job to do my very best to make sure they don’t happen.

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