The Truth About Sign Guy From His Wife

Sign Guy’s wife has stolen access to his blog. The scandal! Given that tomorrow (October 5th) is Domenic’s 20th Anniversary with Pattison Sign Group, I thought I’d hijack his blog & let you into our lives a bit.

How did Domenic become Sign Guy? He fell into it & it turned out he liked it. It’s really that simple.

How has Sign Guy been with one company for 20 years? We all know the average lifespan of one place of employment is seven years, so how’d he manage this? He’s seen more changes in management than your average person & managed to stay the course because he’s damn good at what he does. While staying in a job for an extended period of time may be seen as not much to celebrate, he’s done this being straight commission for 20 years. That means that he’s had to find his own opportunities, close his own deals & do it enough times a year to make a living. That’s remarkable in my opinion.

What’s it like being married to Sign Guy? Well…it can be…interesting. For one, I’m the kind of person who tries to beat the GPS’s arrival time wherever I go. 4 hours from Mt Tremblant to TO? That’s me. No stops! Stops are for wusses who can’t control their fluid intake. With Dom in the car, especially if it’s a road trip (here or overseas) he will stop to look at signs. There’s a lot of “that’s interesting” or “look at the oil canning” and “look at this crap!” alongside my eye rolling. That’s just one aspect of it though. The workaholic husband is another aspect of being married to Sign Guy. Now that he works from home, this one doesn’t bother me one bit. Yes, I have to remind him to eat lunch, or step away from his computer from time to time, but I’m the same way, so I understand. Being 100% commission & that takes my level of understanding to a whole new level. Working on my birthday, our anniversary or Mother’s Day is totally cool with me, because he needs to do what he needs to do & either he does it when it needs to be done, or it’s waiting for him at 2am. He never misses the important stuff though. NEVER! Hockey practice & games, skating lessons, baseball, gymnastics, hugs good night & story time, if he only has an hour a day that he can be away from his computer, he will spend it with our kids.

Being married to someone who is determined to a fault isn’t difficult for me, because I understand his work ethic & admire it. I had his office set up a lunch for him tomorrow & he cancelled it yesterday, because he has too much work to do. That’s who Sign Guy is & please no one tell him, but I think it’s pretty amazing.

To Domenic (if you happen to read this), congratulations on not only beating the statistic, but almost tripling it! It’s not just that you’ve hung around Pattison for 20 years, you’ve conducted yourself with integrity & perseverance & that is beyond admirable. Now to chill some champagne that he will say he doesn’t have time to drink tomorrow night.

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