Signs Can Be Fun Too

Have you ever Googled “Signage Blogs”? No wonder it’s such a small group of people selling signs, it sounds like the most boring thing in the world when reading them! Trust me when I say it isn’t as boring as it sounds. 

There’s fun to be had in signage solutions, it just needs some outside of the box thinking. My clients don’t need to know the difference between vinyls or UV protector films. There’s no reason for them to spend their time reading up on pin mount letters or channel letter depths, that’s why I’m the Sign Guy. Signage isn’t ordered from a catalogue because there are so many variables in each application, so why treat it like it is if you don’t have to? 

The fun comes in when there’s latitude given regarding ideas. One of the projects I’m working on right now the client wanted color changing individual letters 30 stories in the air that they can change depending on different events going on or different causes being reflected. Another one of my recent fun projects was finding a solution for a curved wall video board that is as seamless as possible because it’s viewed from close proximity. An all time favorite of mine was color changing wall washing of historic architectural elements on a hundred year old building & bronze signage. Everyone wants to stand out in this world & more & more clients are realizing that signage can be the first impression that differentiates them from the pack. Why be in black & white when you can be in technicolor?

There are exciting changes taking place in signage too. LED’s that look remarkably like neon, seamless color changing, 3D printed pieces, video boards that look more & more realistic, VR & renewable energy signage. Signage is adapting just like every other market segment is. Sometimes you need a tenant panel, or a pin mount address, but there are times when signage can be as creative as you can imagine. Those moments, even if few & far between make up for all of the knowledge I hold that would make your eyes glaze over. Korean BBQ places have you pay for the pleasure of cooking your own meal, but they give you an enjoyable experience. Signage doesn’t offer that experience, so why try to DIY it with catalogue like suppliers instead of hiring a professional team that can make rainbows if you want them?

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