A Day In The Life of Sign Guy

We have all been asked hundreds of times in our lives “And what do you do?”. Mine always has to be followed up with an explanation. “I sell signs” doesn’t seem to be understood as it stands by many. I typically hear back “Oh, those things along the highway”. No, that is not what I sell. It’s not “I’m an Orthodontist” or “I’m a mechanic” those have very clear job descriptions and expectations. I sell predominantly exterior signage, followed by digital displays & architectural & lot lighting. This is usually where the person standing across from me has glazed over, so I thought I would share with all of you what a day in my life actually looks like. Today was a great day to highlight how much goes on in sign sales.

I started it like most people, my kids all complaining or arguing about something while I pretended I was listening because I hadn’t had my coffee yet. Thankfully my wife can function without coffee & deals with the world ending over someone getting the wrong cereal or a banana having a spot on it. Off to read & reply to emails that have come in between 1am and 8am, my phone has to charge at some point of the day. It was a slow morning, only 6 emails to deal with. I’ll take it, I have to get to a meeting with prospective client.

I was very excited about this meeting & worked out all of my ideas last week & double & tripled checked all of the solutions for the project yesterday. It was Sunday & Mother’s Day you say? It takes a workaholic to love a workaholic & I have an amazing wife who was happy to be gardening & then working herself. The meeting went well, the prospective client appreciated all of the work I had done & recognized my expertise. Only 18 emails came in, I found myself wondering if people took today off. Sat in my car and responded to anything that was time sensitive, then off I went.

Since I was in the area, I looked at a few older signs that we did, to see how they are holding up, if they need a cleaning etc. At this point I was mere block away from a flagship high rise I took part in that is half completed. I had to go get my own pictures of the completed elevation. Time to get back to the office, I have documents to look over, contracts to get through legal, jobs to check up on, I have had enough fun.

At the office, 19 new emails, 8 can wait, I have to go speak to one of our engineers. Oh, there’s the Project manager for one of the projects I have sold, we need what for permit? Ok, I’ll get it. Text from wife “Our gas metre was apparently leaking. This is an FYI, I’ve got it. Leave soon, it’s skating night”. Look through emails to see if I have a copy of what is needed for the permit my PM mentioned. What do I have to do here before I leave? Pick up the technical drawings to review from reception, ok I am prepared to go sit in traffic.

The best part of any day is when my middle son & 2 year old daughter come running screaming “Daddy!!!”, this brief moment makes everything else totally worth it. Yes kids, I will watch you play in the backyard for a bit before hockey practice. Off to hockey practice. Dinner is delicious as always, 20 more minutes of playing before bed. I have 5 new emails to deal with once these little people are tucked in. Brush teeth, read stories, give hugs & kisses & make sure all stuffed animals are accounted for. Back to work.

I need to read the bylaw of the city the prospective client from this morning wants the spectacular in, see how many steps will be involved. Straight permit? Variance? If we lose an inch will it save us from a variance process? I have to look at the technical drawings I brought home, make sure everything is accounted for before we begin manufacturing the signage. Tomorrow morning a tender from a prospective client is being released, I need to get all of this done tonight, so I took some time to write this blog as I procrastinate.

That is a day in the life of Sign Guy.

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